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We work hard to ensure that our doors are open to everyone, and that our building represents the diverse and embracing city we want to live in. We also go beyond our building to work with communities connecting them with artistic opportunities. All these projects are created in direct response to the needs and interests of each group.

ESOL learners ‘Reading with your child’
In partnership with the Idea Store Learning Team we’re hosting a weekly ESOL course aimed at parents and carers. The course will help you to develop confidence and improve your skills to read stories with your children at home. Improving your English whilst also helping with your child’s learning. (Note: Spaces are limited and open to learners within our immediate neighbourhood)

Philosophy with Communities
Rich Mix is partnering with E1 Partnership schools and HEC Global Learning Centre to deliver 'Philosophy with Communities' sessions. Over 10 weeks, we will explore big questions that have no straight-forward answers, and develop a 'Community of Enquiry' nurtured by curiosity, wonder, and a love of knowledge.  Every week, we will use democratic processes to select a question generated by the group itself. We will discuss difficult, sometimes controversial, issues with care, collaboration, criticality and creativity.

This project is made possible thanks to the Global Learning Programme. These sessions are limited to parents of children in the E1 partnership from the following schools; William Davis, Thomas Buxton, Stewart Headlam, Canon Barnett, Osmani, Hague and Kobi Nazrul. All levels of spoken English are welcome.

In the Community
We love to work in partnership so do get in touch if you’re a community organisation wanting to work with us. Check out some recent outreach events with local partners:

Spitalfields Farm- Everyone a Maker – Harvest! 

St Hilda’s East Community Centre – London Discover Bookswap

Our 2017 Easter weekend Family and community festival - Rich Mix Open

Easter weekend 2018 festival for families & friends - PLAY-HOUSE

We’re also very keen on community groups getting involved in our programme here in our building. Check out the latest about our Providence Row Film Club.

For further information please contact