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The Rich Mix marketing team will help support you in the run up to your event.

1. Logo
2. Booking Form
3. Assets
4. Flyers
5. Posters
6. Newsletters


You can download it here to use on your print and website. 

What we need from you

Booking form

Please return your completed booking form so that we can get your event online and on sale as soon as possible.

Need help filling it up? Here's our handy guide.


Send through any images, rehearsal shots, links to videos and press, as soon as you get them. If we don't have them, we can't use them!


We can take up to 500 A6 or A5 flyers, to display in our foyer.


We can take up to three A3 (portrait) posters to display in our Main Space, and one A1 (portrait) to put in our windows overlooking Bethnal Green Road. If you send us artwork, we can print A3 posters in house.

We now have illuminated frames so that your posters can be seen at night! So that they look their best, we recommend printing your posters on backlit film. Our local print shop Metro Colour or Printville will be able to do this for you.


Our current newsletter schedule is as follows:

  • Arts and Culture Weekly Newsletter: every Monday
    • Covers all events (except family events) in our arts and culture programme, from the Tuesday to the following Monday
  • Theatre and Dance Monthly Newsletter: the first Thursday of the month
    • Covers all theatre and dance from the first Friday of the month to the first Thursday of the following month
  • Live Music Newsletter: the second Thursday of the month
    • Covers all live music from the second Friday of the month to the second Thursday of the following month
  • Spoken Word and Comedy Newsletter: the third Thursday of the month
    • Covers all spoken word and comedy events from the third Friday of the month to the third Thursday of the following month
  • Family Newsletter: the second Friday of the month
    • Covers all family events and films over that two week period

That bit extra...

While we do our best to cover all the bases for marketing a show, there are a few extra things you can do to help get the word out far and wide.

Theatre collective Ackrilyk wrote a blog post for us on how they sold out their debut show - it's got some very useful advice. Or get in touch with the marketing team, we're always happy to make suggestions.