Close to Home - Call Out

Please note: Applications are now closed.

Are you an artist looking to create new work? Could you use somebody else’s voice to do

Rich Mix Young Ambassadors are seeking five dedicated artists from any medium to participate in
the performance event Close To Home. This will be a one-off event held on Sunday 19th February
as part of the Youth Takeover Festival 2017.

In a series of recorded interviews with members of the public in Tower Hamlets, we collate
responses to the meaning of ‘Home’. As emerging artists, you will be given the recorded words of a
stranger and a fortnight to channel them into your art form. You will perform in the Rich Mix Theatre
and contribute to a larger visual installation positioned around the Rich Mix.

This is a challenging and unique experience to create new work and respond to topical questions
as part of a wider community. Rehearsal space will be provided by Rich Mix to develop creative
ideas and meet like-minded people. You will be given a stage at Rich Mix, with
access to its professional technical facilities, to perform your work. If you are selected, you will
need empathy and creativity to transform the recording with your own medium- be it dance,
comedy, poetry, singing or performance art- we want to hear from you!

This social arts project aims to give a diverse array of people a voice, especially those who are
often voiceless. In the setting of multicultural London, with migration often at the centre of the
media and homelessness a nationwide issue, this is a project that asks all involved to consider the
concept of Home.

No previous experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm for the project and a willingness to hear
and respond to other people’s voices. As part of the Youth Takeover Festival, we are particularly
interested in hearing from 15-26 year olds.
However, we welcome applications from artists of all
ages - groups and individuals.

Please email applications or register interest to with the subject
‘Close To Home Artist Application’. The submission deadline is Wednesday 1st February 2017.

Please attach a document to your email containing the following:
- Name, email address, phone number
- A brief artist statement containing a description of your work, or the work you are interested in
creating, and how you see this project inspiring your work
- Links to, or an example of, your work (If you do not have this, it is not a problem, please just let
us know in your email)

Artists must be available on Sunday 19th February for rehearsal and performance at Rich
Mix, Shoreditch. All proceeds will be donated to affiliated charities, therefore this is an
unpaid opportunity.

If you are interested in our project but do not wish to apply as an artist, you can follow the project
on Twitter at @RMCloseToHome or the Rich Mix Young Ambassadors at @RMCreatives.

We are also seeking a photographer and/or filmographer to record the performance. If you are
interested and available, please get in contact!