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Close to Home - Call Out

Are you an artist looking to create new work? Could you use somebody else’s voice to do

Rich Mix Young Ambassadors are seeking five dedicated artists from any medium to participate in
the performance event Close To Home. This will be a one-off event held on Sunday 19th February
as part of the Youth Takeover Festival 2017.

Call Out: A Piece of a Whole

Do you feel ostracised by society? Do you have a personal experience of being alienated from a community or the country? Do you feel neglected by the political elite?

Or do you have experiences of being listened to? An experience of feeling included within a community or the wider society?

CALL OUT: 'Changing London' Scratch Night

Deadline to apply: Mon 18 July / 5pm
Informal auditions: Mon 25 July / 5pm-9pm at Rich Mix
Scratch Night: Sun 14 Aug / 6:30pm-11pm (see the event page here).


The basis of a scratch is about sharing a piece of work with the public at an early stage of its development. Participants in this scratch will have 15 minutes to demonstrate their work and then receive feedback from the audience. 

Chisenhale Dance Space: Call for Submissions

Chisenhale Dance Space have announced a new commission opportunity in primary partnership with the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, supported by Arts Council England. Please find information on how to apply below:

'Chisenhale Dance Space and The Marlborough Theatre are small organisations: small staff, small budgets, but with big communities, and big opportunities. It so happened that we realised that the Marly’s stage was roughly the same size as CDS’ small studio. And thus the Small Spaces Commission was born!

Rich Mix Ten Wallpaper Project: Call for Submissions

In April 2016 Rich Mix turned 10. As part of our birthday celebrations we are commissioning a range of new work that is rooted in the East End, and curating a programme that explores the historical, political and artistic context in which Rich Mix was conceived and founded. We intend for our programme to celebrate the rich diversity of the local area and to examine how the arts is closely linked to political and social change.