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Takeover 2018: #BecauseWe'veRead Book Club - London Chapter

Wednesday 8 August

"What matters is not to know the world. But to change it.” This matters appallingly in our lifetime.' – Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

#BecauseWe’veRead is an international radical reading club designed to challenge the way we see the world. Drawing from the reading we’ve been doing over the past few months, which include Frantz Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks and Edward Said’s Covering Islam, this event will explore the theme of knowledge and power, knowledge and activism.

A panel discussion will start the event, in which the above concepts will be discussed, followed by performances. After that there will be roundtable discussions so audience members and all can share their thoughts and reflections.

Pens and paper will be there so thoughts can be written down and shared on a presentation board. And there will be snacks for everyone to munch on! It will be a night of intelligent, brilliant discussion and a chance to connect!

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

Any free tickets not collected 15 minutes prior to the start time will be released.

This event is part of TAKEOVER. A festival inspired by East London. The most exciting new talent created by you, for you. Check out the full line-up here.

Takeover festival has been programmed with consideration for Tower Hamlets Youth Outcomes Framework developed by Partnership For Young London and the Centre For Youth Impact.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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