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She Runs It! presents

#SheRunsIt Pop Up Workshop

Monday 17 April
Rich Mix Square

In a nutshell

Empowering others through playful, functional and holistic means of wellbeing and fitness projects, lead by women.

Go on...

Ever tried bodyweight training? Join in with free ten-minute mini training sessions to get an introduction to bodyweight training and the creativity surrounding it. Sia Naturales will also be showing you how to make a natural product, and gifting people with samples.

What to Expect

Between 12pm and 6pm, expect bodyweight training workshops, a movement showcase of what the She Runs It! collective is capable of, goodies given to those who take part, and a screening of the official #Sherunsit campaign video. 

Who's Involved

Sia Naturales provide a simplistic and authentic range of essential beauty products made with only raw, un-processed and top of the range ingredients for healthy and happy skin.

She Runs It! is a collective aiming to empower others through playful, functional and holistic means of wellbeing and fitness projects, lead by women.

What people are saying

Participants in previous workshops:

'What makes Tasha’s class different from other fitness groups is that the focus is not only on fitness but also on building confidence and uplifting one another. I really enjoy being surrounded by strong, positive girls and it has helped me de-stress through hectic periods at sixth form and university.' 

'What I like the most is the mentality of “nothing is impossible”, we are taught to do pull ups and other things I would not even dream of doing before, and you feel comfortable to train no matter what level you are at.' 

'What makes these sessions fun is the fact that we always do something different every week.'

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix matters because it gives access for all types of aspiring creatives to connect and elevate their gifts in a positive way for the community.'

Find out more


Twitter: @sherunsitldn

Things you should know

For ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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