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Amy Poole presents

Pitch to the Mix Winner: Body, Sense and Well-Being

Wednesday 14 February
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In a nutshell

A group of Live Artists explore senses and well-being to create an environment for self-care, expression and reconnection.

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A Live Art salon, using art as a lens to explore personal well-being. A safe space for self-expression, giving you the opportunity to pause, relax, be calm and reconnect.

The evening aims to provide a relief from everyday stresses, a welcoming platform for unvoiced thoughts and an encouragement for your own well-being in this moment and into the future.

What to Expect

The evening will consist of Live Art performances installed within the space for you to watch and interact with, each exploring a different aspect of self-care.

You can participate or observe the performances and are encouraged to use the resources provided to reflect on your own well-being. The evening is an opportunity to be cared for, but also to reflect on how we are or aren’t looking after ourselves and those around us.

Who's Involved

Amy Poole creates Live Art Meditations. Exploring self-reflection and mental well-being through experiences and installations. She focuses on creating opportunities to be calm, to pause and think.

Philip Bedwell is a Performance Artist, his background is one of physicality, from an upbringing in a manual labour household. His practice currently focuses on the body and explores themes of masculinity and well-being in society.

Sasha Mattock is a movement and music artist, whose work focuses on exploring positive well-being,  connection with others and the self. She has studied Psychology and Neurodevelopment disorders, giving her practice a holistic approach to emotional well-being.

Sofia Murwadon is a dance artist trained in multiple styles of dance and circus skills. Her work is based in movement and physical theatre exploring detachment from technology and re-grounding within the body.

Elisabeth Carlile is a freelance performer, writer and creator who focuses on creating opportunities and environments which allow for hard to talk about, taboo, or forgotten topics to be exposed. She will be performing a one-to-one performance called ‘Rubatosis’. It takes 20 mins and she will be performing from 7pm - 9pm, so 6 participants can take part. We will send an email to all bookers with details on how to sign up.

What people are saying

'Relaxed, calm, soothed, warm, safe.' (Scratch It! 2017)

'Very calm and peaceful. Very mindful. Really enjoyed it.'  (Scratch It! 2017)

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix matters because it is giving young people from all backgrounds a platform to share and experiment. They are giving  space and exposure to underrepresented art-forms, artists and cultures.'

Things you should know

Please note: This event is about self-care and mental health, however the staff involved are artists, not care professionals. They cannot provide professional support, and their artworks are a reflection of their own experiences.

The evening will be photographed, if you don't want to be included in this please speak to a member of staff when you arrive at the venue.

*Whatever you can give will go to supporting the artists involved.

Suitable for all ages.

This event is wheelchair accessible.