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Rich Mix New Creatives present


Thursday 15 February

In a nutshell

An evening of personal anecdote based on the theme of ‘first’ experiences, told through music, poetry, film and more. 

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Rich Mix’s New Creatives are holding their very own ‘Firsts’ event at Rich Mix. It will be a night of short artistic performances which explores people's firsts. Stories shared may be about the first time they make a coffee, or their first experience drinking alcohol, their first experience living in the UK or their first experience wearing a hijab! The New Creatives hope to commend Tower Hamlets unique amalgamation of cultures through the exploration of a variety of anecdotes sourced from across the boroughs diverse 2 demographic. It will be a truly inclusive celebration of human experience as the artistic works shared draw from all walks of life! The night will consist of spoken word, live music, storytelling and film. The artists will all be sharing personal stories of their first experiences , mistakes that were made, and lessons that they've learned so be ready to listen and laugh along to great tales!

What to Expect

Brilliant, funny, reflective short performances throughout the evening! Expect some great poetry, music and short films. This event will be interactive, the intervals in between performances serving as a time to connect and tell each other tales;  They hope to get the audience involved and comfortable enough to want to tell their own stories.

Who's Involved

Rachel Cleverly 
Rachel is a poet, student and professional worrier living in East London. Her writing centres on the personal, frequently revolving around family, food and the small moments of kindness which make up modern life. She has never been to a gym.

Laura Jaramillo Duque 
Colombian, actress and writer. Professional in Literary Studies and current MA student at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Grace Kirk 
20 years old from Middlesbrough in the North East of England. Currently an English and History student at Queen Mary University, Grace wants to work in the art world as an actress, writer and mainly a teacher to those who don’t believe they can be involved in the arts due to societal factors or pressures.

Christine Mugeni 
Christine is a young aspiring actress and spoken word poet. Christine’s work is poignant, thought provoking and uplifting but most importantly personal; focusing on her own experiences of being a girl in 2018 and the struggles she has faced.

Ama Ofori Akuamou
Ama is a student, artist and engineer who will be performing a fusion of spoken word and painting. Ama’s piece will use her own paintings as visual accompaniment for her original spoken word, focusing on some of her most personal first time experiences.

James McGeown
James Was born in scotland and has been living in London for three years. He is studying for a degree in English at Queen Mary University. James has been performing poetry for six months, having performed at Jawdance, the Poetry Cafe, and Genesis Slam where he has been a finalist twice. James edits for QMUL’s peach magazine, publishing poetry and creative work by students as well as organising and hosting monthly spoken word nights.

The Sages (竹林七贤)
The name of the band project is called The Sages (竹林七贤), which is a reference to The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grooves of ancient China. They are group of 7 literati, artists, musicians, poets, and scholars who despite their admirable status and fame, chose to escape mundane and hypocritical secular life to live in the remote natural countryside with the companionship of music, poetry, art (and wine) in search of a higher spiritual fulfilment.

Rich Mix New Creatives are looking for inspiration! If you are an artist with an existing piece of work you'd be happy to share with them, get in touch! Find out more here. Or maybe you have a personal story you'd be happy for them to be used as inspiration? Find out more here

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix has given us a place to use our creative abilities and create a night to celebrate the diverse stories of our youth and bring the community together.'

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Follow: @firstsrichmix 

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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