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Livity presents

Eve’s Garden

Monday 17 April
Main Space

In a nutshell

Calling all Goddesses and Queens! Join Livity for a night of spoken word, music and motivational speakers

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The theme of the night is the garden of Eden. The all female line up will be an ode to Eve. Eve’s Garden will be a continuous project that encourages woman to get together to debate, practice self-love, take on new challenges but most importantly to help empower. Through socialisation, there is a consistent pressure to conform. Livity will offer a platform that allows women to just be, without having to pretend to be something they are not for acceptance.

What to Expect

The night will be an all female line up of spoken word, motivational speakers and DJs. There will also be interactions through light games, debates and a raffle.

Who's Involved

Hayley Mulenda is a 19-year-old multi-award winning international speaker, entrepreneur, and author who aspires to help others reach their aspirations. After experiencing bullying in secondary school and a dark suicidal place in her first year of University, Hayley learned how to overcome it all and teach others how to speak up and overcome it too. Hayley was able to turn her setback into a comeback, now she wants to ensure every young person is able to deal with daily life lessons which may set them back too. She has been labeled "Miss Inspiration" and "The Spark" - her contagious smile reminds people that there is a spark of hope, inspiration in the world.

Delicia is a singer-songwriter who promotes love and wellbeing, she will rip your heart out of your chest and then massage it better with a voice that is nothing short of velvet.

Society of Alumni is a upcoming music and creative collective based in London, UK. They create music combining elements of 90's Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz & Soul, while sprinkling atoms of current affairs and trends. This evening will shine a light on Vels and Baby Soul - two women from the collective. Their opposing but complementing forces will bring a powerful performance

Jae Poet is a young up and coming female artist born and raised in South East London. Her poetry deals with issues ranging from love and relationships, racism and lifestyle choices.

Dominique Laurn is a South London born singer who doesn't necessarily want her music to be put into an specific genre as she takes inspiration from everyday experiences and sings it from a place of truth and understanding. She wants her music to make you feel something and for people to interpret her as a strong woman who also isn't afraid to let you see her more delicate state.

By day, Desree devotes her time to theatre, arts marketing and community arts but after 6pm (let’s say 7pm because of traffic), Desree is a spoken word poet. An advocate for community arts and youth projects, Desree began a night called #OMN in 2014 in her home town of Slough – which she still runs despite moving to London last year.

Curated and Hosted by Ra Ra

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Twitter: @LivityUK

Things you should know

This event is wheelchair accessible.