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Urban Voices Conference

Friday 25 January
Venue 2
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Urban Voices brings together planners, architects and local communities to discuss pressing urban issues within formats that aims to explore listening as a platform for broadening the ways we engage with urban space and with each other in contexts of urban transformation. 

Participatory approaches have come a long way in providing frameworks that enable people to voice their opinions on urban issues. Nevertheless, residents complain that their voices are not heard. While much attention is paid to speaking, listening has gained far less attention. How might the practice of listening bring together institutional powers of the city and citizens in civil society to re-thinking livelihoods, relationships and politics in order to move from the economic imperative of city building to a more social and ecological imperative?

Urban Voices explores this question in an international conference, through the production of an audio walk and podcast, and in a series of public workshops.

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Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Fri 25 January