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Mukul & Ghetto Tigers presents

Season of Bangla Drama: To Father a Nation

Saturday 3 November
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To Father a Nation is inspired by the lives of Sheikh Mujib-Ur-Rahman, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Indira Gandhi against the back drop of Indian Indepdence and subsequently the independece of Bangladesh. 

The play is a political story about the turbulent years of the Indian subcontinent during the time of gainging its Indepdence, being divided into India, East Pakistan and West Pakistan. Being further subjected to a brutal repression, a heroic resistance and war to the breaking of the two wings of Pakistan into West Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

The story is told from the perspective of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman, the young activist who became the central figure in the liberation of Bangladesh from under the heel of West Pakistan and was tragically assassinated in a coup.

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Suitable for ages 10+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Sat 3 November