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Chinese Art Space presents

Project New Sun: Sinosynthesis

Sunday 22 October
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In a nutshell

Acclaimed dancer Julia Cheng, and award-winning musician Chris Chan consider themes of identity and belonging for modern day British Chinese.

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Project New Sun is a double bill exploring Chinese culture in modern day British society, bringing together the contemporary and the traditional, through music, dance and performance.

The evening opens Julia Cheng’s “Orlando Warrior”, a solo performance that explores the mythology of the gender-bending Orlando of the West fused with the legend of Mulan of the East. Questions of identity and belonging in present day British society are expressed through Wushu martial arts and Waacking (a dance originating from the 1970's gay club scene in LA) in an exploration of being a British Chinese Woman today.

Chris Chan will then present a new one-man show. “Gongs, Songs & Hong Kong Thongs” is packed with comic banter and wicked songs about the weird and wonderful quirks, attitudes and misconceptions found between British and Chinese cultures. With tongue firmly in cheek, hear Chris wax on (and wax off) lyrically about Asian stereotyping in a show that’s part culture guide, part biography and part parody.

In Project New Sun we express our hopes for a new generation of exciting artists blending cultures, heritages and stories to encourage greater cultural and social understanding and empower a cultural dialogue which is diverse and accepting.

What to Expect

Project New Sun is an evening of British Chinese artists engaging with the ideas of love identity and belonging in the modern world. The evening will start with a solo dance piece by Julia Cheng mixing modern dance and martial arts, accompanied by Simon McCorry’s live cello soundscapes. After a short break this will be followed by Chris Chan’s performance which is a blend of spoken word and songs with.  This double bill will have a thought provoking and celebratory feel to it.

Who's Involved

Julia Cheng is a choreographer and dance artist specialising in inter-disciplinary work. She is the  Creative Director of House of Absolute , and all-female company aiming to push her eclectic range of theatre & dance training to explore boundaries or performance and dance theatre. 

After studying Music at Oxford, Chris Chan has gone on to perform as an actor in the West End with the Michael Grandage Company, nationally and internationally including China. Chris has worked as a composer, an award winning music director and launched his own choir ‘Voxabilis’.

Chinese Arts Space exists to commission British Chinese and international artists working in the performing and visual arts fields, to encourage transnational collaborations, to mentor the next generation of British Chinese cultural leaders and to showcase excellent contemporary work with universal appeal to the widest possible audience, live and digital.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix offers a hub where people of all backgrounds and ethnicities can come together to share and learn about each others cultures and arts. Chinese Arts Space is excited to share exciting British Chinese artists with the community of Tower Hamlets (which has a significant local Chinese population) and beyond.'

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 14+

Please note: Latecomers permitted at specific times

This event is wheelchair accessible.