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Open Senses presents

Open Senses - Ideas in Progress

Friday 7 September
From £8.00
to £10.00
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An evening showcasing new, cutting-edge projects and ideas, to stimulate and challenge the senses. Open Senses: Ideas in Progress is a highly participatory sensory experience. Audience members will be encouraged to engage and experiment with the presenters; to be actively involved in the workshopping; to discuss the work presented with others and to connect in a profoundly different way.

Across the event we will be exploring the concept of control, through the sensesWhat is happening to us sensorially when are in control, when we lose control and when we are being controlled?

Botanical drinks company Botanic Lab brings you an interactive and immersive workshop, introducing powerful and revered plants into delicious drinks. What happens when we get to drink a potion not knowing what it is or what it is supposed to do? As many clues can affect your judgment, the flavour of the drink can affect your decision, the colour of the brew and even the colour of the cup it is in can do so too. How much in control do you think you are? We are about to find out. 

Frejya Sewell brings you The Raisin. Can we harness our senses to experience something that isn't really there? Through a meditation we will explore how to control your focus and bring awareness to your senses. 

Amy Neilson Smith brings you Tasting Colour. Through a soundscape of words, whispering violins, free-flying colour & breath you’ll experience what it feels like to step inside the collective-self and ask - how does it feel to lose myself inside a living breathing poem? 

'Disarming and wonderful' - Vice 

'A sensorial extravaganza' - The Evening Standard

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

There will be a BSL interpreter on stage on the night

This event is wheelchair accessible.