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Land of Scoundrels

Until Sunday 11 June 2017
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In a nutshell

New pieces of experimental theatre marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution from some of Europe’s most innovative contemporary playwrights.

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A night of new innovative theatre marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Featuring new plays by SJ Fowler and Petra Freimund amidst a stunning original set designed by material engineer Thomas Duggan and a soundtrack from the remarkable Dirty Three. Part of the Revolution17 season at Rich Mix.

SJ Fowler's new play Mayakovsky is a playful and abstract reinterpretation of the last days of the Revolution's great, tragic poet.  A play purely about infamy and reputation, about Russia as perceived by Europe, about the limitations of poetry, and language, and the role the latter has in love and friendship. It is about living after death and how empty a thought this might be. 

The Women's Revolution by Petra Freimund is an exploration of the events of February 23rd, 1917 when in -5 degree weather, the Women of Vyborg in Petrograd went on strike. The play asks, as we find ourselves once again in times of political unrest, are we witnessing a recurrence? Are those women of Russia, disappeared from history, to be seen now?  Will history remember those oppressed spearheading protest, or will they once again be overlooked in favour of leading figures, shining so bright in their effort for change. 

The cast includes Edie Deffebach, Simon Christian, Alec Bennie and Rebecca Dunn.

What to Expect

New short plays in the avant garde tradition, expect experimental performance and innovative set design.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is home to the world in London, a place for new artists to grow and for experimentation to flourish. Without the generous support of the institution, there would be no Enemies Project. I’m sure that’s true of many other organisations.'

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Twitter: @stevenjfowler / @playmayakovsky / @PetraPandoraFre 

Instagram: @landofscoundrels

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

Latecomers welcome in interval only. 

This event is wheelchair accessible.