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The Crick Crack Club presents

The Grand Annual Lying Contest 2017

Thursday 30 March
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In a nutshell

An evening of relentless and preposterous absurdity is thrust upon a bewildered world, as fibbers, leg-pullers, prevaricators, and downright liars compete in public in this celebrated annual competition.

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Crick Crack Club Maestro of Ceremonies, Ben Haggarty, will marshal an unruly squad of hopeful contestants as they lie, or tell a story about lying, in an attempt to impress the audience and a panel of three carefully selected international master judges whose decision may or may not be final. They'll be competing for the most treasured trophy in the storytelling world – the legendary Hodja Cup - plus a chance to win one hundred guineas in hard cash, and be heralded the ‘Liar’s Laureate’.


Each entrant must tell a lie, a lying tale, or a story about a lie or lying, which is longer than 3 minutes, but shorter than 7 minutes. Points out of 10 will be awarded according to:

  1. The content of the lie
  2. The delivery of the lie
  3. The audience response to the lie


Three judges from this world, the other world, or anywhere in-between, have been carefully selected for their unmatched probity. Their identity will be kept highly secret until the night of the contest, in order to avert any attempts at bribery.  The Judges’ decision may or may not be final.


To apply to enter the contest, please e-mail the Master of Ceremonies, Ben Haggarty at stating your name, a little about yourself and why you (as opposed to anyone else) should be allowed to enter. Closing date for applications is 28 Feb 2017. Entrants will be announced on the 5 March 2017. (We have limited places, so please accept, in advance, our apologies that we may be unable to admit all applicants)

What to Expect

Lies, lies, lies and more lies.

Who's Involved

THE CRICK CRACK CLUB is the UK's premiere performance storytelling programmer and promoter, working with the finest performance storytellers, developing audiences, supporting artists and collaborating with venues across the UK and Europe.

What people are saying

'The Crick Crack Club weaves a web of enchantment' Time Out

'The art of storytelling is in the surest safest hands here' Remote Goat

Find out more


Twitter: @crickcrackclub

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 14+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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