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Finding Our Voice(s)

Sunday 29 January
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In a nutshell

A mutual exploration of the voices influencing our sense of belonging, through the radical idea of ‘stand up therapy’.

Go on...

You enter the performance space welcomed by the performer dressed in Yoruba (Nigerian) outfit, greeting you  Yoruba - style. You might be tempted to ask: ‘what has any of this to do with the East End?’ The performer introduces the piece as ‘stand up therapy’, a radical idea combining storytelling, comedy, ‘lecture’ and ‘therapy’ (self reflection) but it is all and none of these things. You are therefore advised to manage any expectations of being entertained or ‘healed’ by the end of the piece.  The performer proceeds to tell the story of Omoluwabi (‘child of good character’),  born in the East End, who left for Nigeria as a child and returned as an adult  to an East End he barely recognises from his nostalgic musings.

Can he fit into this new multicultural melting pot which is undergoing change in the form of gentrification?  What aspects of this new ‘culture’ does he embrace? What, if anything, has the Yoruba culture he grew up with got to offer this new East End? Within the story you are invited to reflect on the various, sometimes conflicting, voices that may challenge one’s sense of belonging.

What to Expect

Finding Our Voice(s) is a spoken word solo performance lecture involving elements of storytelling, stand up comedy, ‘TED Talk’ - style lecture, some music and (a little bit of) audience participation. 

Who's Involved

Ola Aralepo is an award winning speaker, qualified psychotherapist and the world’s first 'stand up therapist', a radical idea developed during a research programme at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. His practice playfully invites you to reflect on your ‘polyphony of experience’ as a resilience- building tool.

What people are saying

‘Fun… great potential… the beginning of something big’ (Audience member, Stand Up Therapy: Exploring Polyphony: Brink Festival)

‘Amazing performer… has a gift making people laugh’ (Audience Member, Stand Up Therapy: Exploring Polyphony: Brink Festival)

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is highly regarded as a venue that embraces multicultural artistic events and brings together artists from various cultures. This makes it the perfect venue for a performance that explores the concept of polyphony.'

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

There will be speciality Yoruba refreshments given out, including nuts

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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