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Daedalus Theatre Company presents


Friday 10 November
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In a nutshell

‘East’ is a celebration of the richness of the East End’s languages and cultures.

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Through its stories and songs, East touches upon a huge range of human experiences. There’s an amazing and flourishing Bangla culture scene in the East End, but it’s also part of a complex ecosystem which consists not only of other contemporary cultures but also the older English and immigrant cultures that came before it. East embraces this. We have Bangladeshis telling Jewish stories and vice-versa. We have English, Traveller, Bangla, Korean, Thai, Somali and Middle-Eastern and Jewish contributions.

Comprising of people from the local community (living in or otherwise linked to Tower Hamlets) supported by three professionals: storytellers Shamim Azad and Sef Townsend, and theatre-maker/musician Paul Burgess. We gather and share a mix of traditional tales and real-life personal stories, along with music from our various cultures.

What to Expect

Storytelling that conjures a feeling of magic, ritual and shared experience. There’ll be a mix of stories ancient and modern, along with songs and some instrumental music, and there’ll be plenty of chances for audience members to join in.

East is a project that invited local residents to join in sharing some of the stories brought together by the East End’s rich, diverse history of immigration. Working in collaboration with storytellers Shamim Azad and Sef Townsend, and supported by local organisations Bishwo Shahitto Kendro and Daedalus Theatre Company, this project not only celebrates the cultural variety of London’s East End but also some of the many tales that people across the world have in common. It has been created in rehearsals using a mixture of the performers’ own experiences, and their memories of traditional songs and tales. Come along to hear the resulting performance, backed up with music, visuals and a taste of local food.

Who's Involved

East was created by Daedalus Theatre Company, who believe there’s great social value in sharing stories and songs from across the different cultures in Tower Hamlets, especially in relation to how local culture intersects with other traditions.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

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Things you should know

For ages 10+

Latecomers permitted between pieces

This event is wheelchair accessible.