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Eastern Thespians presents

After the Summer

Until Sunday 5 November 2017
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In a nutshell

Set in an imaginary country, this dark comedy focusses on the socio-political landscape in the aftermath of a corrupt and unsuitable head of state.

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After the Summer is a dark comedy is set in recent times and told through a series of flashbacks, in which we witness the gradual rise of a man of means in the world of politics - the rise of a man with an insatiable thirst for power. Fuelled by opportunistic people around him, we watch the political machinations that exploit the disillusionment of the masses with the political situation to elect Mr Miracle Miranda as the President of Delimia.

This fast-paced play focuses on Miracle Miranda and his inner circle- Miracle's wife Madeline Miranda, a former film diva, Judas Inquisitor, ex-army commander now his internal security and army chief, Cerebro Astucia, his prime minister, and Bonita Menina, his foreign affairs and cultural minister.

Infused with black comedy and at times surreal moments, we see the grim and fascinating transformation and are left to ponder on the fate of Dilemia – and to consider the possible fate of many countries in our world today. 

What to Expect

This theatrical piece is an original play debuting at Rich Mix.  

Who's Involved

Eastern Thespians are a contemporary theatre group, based in London, UK. Drawing on the rich resources of both eastern and western life, thought, philosophy and art forms both traditional and contemporaneous, they are committed to presenting life theatre that is vital, thought provoking and engaging. They intend exploring various genres of theatre to bring forth productions that will have wide appeal to our multilingual and multicultural community.

What people are saying

'Footfall in every way is a promising, powerful and relevant production. Reminding us once again of the callous individuals in our world today, who, for the sake of money and personal growth, will even pull the wool over their closest companions.'  Footfall by Eastern Thespians 2016.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'We love the Rich Mix – it’s always seems on the pulse of what is the NOW!'

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 10+

Please note:  Permitted at one point only, not thereafter.

This event is wheelchair accessible.