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Natasha Davis presents

50 Rooms

Friday 17 March
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In a nutshell

Art and science exploration of home, belonging and in-between spaces using quirky memories, magic realism, stem cells and martial arts.

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50 Rooms is a new performance by Natasha Davis about the lives, spaces and times between breaking and repairing, about ageing and about being ‘infected’ – with new thoughts, utopian dreams and an arrival of something different in a space already claimed by others. This is an episodic exploration of ideas of home, belonging and in-between spaces, connecting art and science by using memories of distant events, magic realism, stem cells and martial arts. 

What to Expect

Multi-media adventure with mixed text, movement and original films soundtracked to the best of 2015 music – the year in which Natasha turned 50.

Who's Involved

Natasha Davis is a performance and visual artist with over 40 solo and collaborative projects in a range of media including live performance, installation, film and publication. She has worked in partnerships based in the UK and internationally, most recently with the University of Ottawa, VCA Melbourne, DDL Toronto and Science Gallery London, and she regularly collaborates with Counterpoints Arts London.

Developed in collaboration with Bob Karper (sound and media), Elisa Gallo Rosso (costume), Lucy Cash (movement) and Marty Langthorne (lighting design), with generous contribution and support from Alyson Campbell (director and writer), Daniel Mroz (performer and martial artist), Robert Draffin (director and martial arts specialist), and Silvia Marino (stem cells scientist). Funded by Arts Council England and the British Council.

What people are saying

‘In every image presented, live or screened, we seem to be asked to reflect on the binary divides: of life and death, black and white, movement and stillness, sound and silence. There are many moments infused with grace and purpose in a piece that is visually beautiful, and brave enough to be quiet and slow when it needs to be…’ Max Dorothy Prior on Asphyxia, Total Theatre Magazine

‘This is a literal uprooting for Davis, who emigrated from her native Croatia before arriving in the UK in 2000, but it involves leaving pieces of herself behind. It is a gorgeous, pensive and clear image, swamped in its own space and time.’ Matt Trueman on Suspended.

'Concurrent examinations of memory, identity and migration weave through her live performance work opening up wider conversations on the universal experiences of such themes.  It is interesting to me to witness the paradigm of Natasha’s extensive investigative process into her own sense of self while at the same time remaining open, collaborative and generous within her work; succeeding always to find the universality and points of access within a complex examination of the personal and political ‘self’'.' Lynnette Moran, Director of Live Collision festival Dublin

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.