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Writers’ Centre Kingston presents

The University Camarade

Saturday 10 February
Venue 2

In a nutshell

Writers and poets create new experimental literary collaborations

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Writers’ Centre Kingston presents an event which asks pairs of creative writing students and staff from different Universities in the UK to collaborate on short new works of poetry or text, for performance.  The primary participants are students and writing with poets they've never met before, who study within a different institution, this project allows them to expand their practise, knowledge and networks, and takes a stand against purported factionalism or department competition. The innovative collaborative methodology also allows them to include experimentation early in their writing careers, and perform to a large audience.

Drawing on some of the most exciting young writers across the UK, Writers’ Centre Kingston’s University Camarade will present a dozen brand new works on what will be an exciting, energetic night of poetry.

What to Expect

Pairs of poets read new works in the literary and avant-garde traditions. Expect readings and performances.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is home to the world in London, a place for new artists to grow and for experimentation to flourish. Without the generous support of the institution, there would be no Enemies Project. I’m sure that’s true of many other organisations.'

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@writersctrkingston @enemiesproject

Things you should know

For ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.