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The World Transformed presents

Take Back Control Youth Event

Saturday 22 April
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In a nutshell

A participatory event about the future of our communities and how we really take back control

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From The World Transformed and Demand the Impossible comes Take Back Control - Youth Event: a festival of ideas and action for young people after the referendum.

Voted leave? Remain? Didn’t vote? We don’t care - this event is for you. Through a day of discussions, workshops and performances we’ll be making sense of Brexit. We'll look at the ways in which young people bear the brunt of a changing political and economic landscape, whether it be rip-off rents, bullshit jobs or a crisis in mental health.

Organised by young people for young people, expect to roll up your sleeves and get involved with some of the UK’s most exciting voices and grassroots groups and debate the issues that really matter.

What to Expect

‘Take Back Control – Youth Event’ will feature a mix of talks, workshops, skills sharing sessions and live performances from artists and musicians. There will be opportunities for you to have your say and discuss the issues that really matter in an exciting and accessible environment very different to what we’ve come to expect in politics.

Who's Involved

Organised by young people from Demand the Impossible and aimed at under 30s, this event will host Guardian journalist Abi Wilkinson and Ash Sarkar from Novara Media discussing fake news and the state of the media; the rapper and spoken word artist Liv Wynter speaking on feminism in the 21st century alongside interactive sessions on mental health & capitalism, reclaiming education and taking back control of space & more.

What people are saying

'The current political model has left a sea of disconnected and disenfranchised young people who feel powerless in an unforgiving system' - Bene, organiser of Take Back Control – Youth Event

 'The Government, in refusing to listen to the needs people have, highlights the need for people across every community to get their voice heard and make their politicians work for them. The debate should not be about the political institutions but the way those who hold office engage and respond and most importantly empower people in their community to have a voice.' - Rachel Maskell MP, former Shadow Environment Secretary

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix matters because it attempts to position itself as a space in which people from all backgrounds can interact with art and with each other, which in today’s divisive climate is doubly vital for the creation of healthy communities.'

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Twitter: @twt_now

Things you should know

For ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.