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In Place of War presents

Nafasi Week UK: Change Makers

Tuesday 18 October
Main Space

In a nutshell

How can you change the world around you through culture, arts and activism?

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In Place of War showcases some of the world’s most groundbreaking artists, activists and creative entrepreneurs from sites of conflict, post-conflict and humanitarian disaster.

International cultural producers from Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Brazil, India come to London and to speak alongside some of the UK’s most prolific artists and social commentators.

Each cultural producer will deliver TED-style talks about creative activism, cultural production, cultural spaces and digital/funding/tools/future.

Part of Nafasi Week UK

What to expect

Free TED-style talks. See 20 inspiring people give talks on their cultural spaces, cultural production, creative activism, digital tools and the future.

Who's involved


Karina Goulordova, Creative Space, Lebanon

Mc Benny Acholi Muding, Northern Uganda HipHop Culture-NUHC, Uganda

Robert Mũnũku, Mau Mau Collective, Kenya

Fabio Pedroza, Moreis Convida, Brazil

Dan Glass, The Glass Is Half Full, UK

Lorraine Charlotte Bgoya, Magamba Network, Zimbabwe

Miqueas Figueroa, Tiuna El Fuerte, Venezuela

Laurent Kasindi, Search for Common Ground, DR Congo

Fenella Dawnay & Kirstin Shirling, Good Chance Theatre, UK

Felipe Altenfelder, Fora Do Exio, Brazil

David Heinemann, Index on Censorship, UK

Harnaman Singh Mehta, India

Jonny Hesketh, The Yellow House, UK

In Place of War

In Place of War is a multi-award winning organisation based within The University of Manchester that empowers, mobilises and connects artists and creative communities in sites of war, post-conflict and humanitarian disaster. Our work spans research, production, alternative education programmes, digital networks and cultural spaces.

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Twitter: @inplaceofwar

Facebook: /InPlaceOfWar/

Things you should know

This event is free but you need to book a place by emailing 

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.