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Calvert22 presents

The Museum After The Revolution

Saturday 29 April
Venue 2

In a nutshell

'The Museum after the Revolution' conference will reflect critically on the legacies of Soviet influence on museum collections.

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The Winter Palace, the Hermitage’s current home, was at the centre of events in St Petersburg 1917. The subsequent seismic political shifts saw the Hermitage transformed from imperial to state property. Its collections were deeply affected by Soviet government policy and new models of museology that would be developed over the following seventy years. 

This conference will address the impact of the Revolution on museum collections, taking the Hermitage as its starting point, and with a particular focus on the effect on modern and contemporary holdings. How do museums that were once part of the Soviet bloc reflect on this history today? In particular, how do they deal with the gaps, violent ruptures and contradictions that characterised the 20th century? What specific problems – and also potential strengths – can be identified as a result of these histories?

What to Expect

The conference will include four panel discussions spread across two days.

Speakers include:

Catriona Kelly - Professor of Russian, University of Oxford

Dimitri Ozerkov - Head of Hermitage 20/21 Collection

Nicolas Liucci-Goutnikov - Curator of Kollektsia!, Centre Georges Pompidou.

The opening reception of the event will be hosted at Calvert 22 Foundation on 28 April, followed by a second day of panel discussions taking place at RichMix on 29 April, in collaboration with UCL SSEES and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Taking the State Hermitage Museum as a starting point, the conference will address the impact of the Revolution on museum collections and focus in particular on its effect on modern and contemporary holdings. 

Who's Involved

Calvert 22 Foundation

Hermitage State Museum


European University, St Petersburg

Vladimir Potanin Foundation

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Twitter: @Calvert_22

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

Tickets are available via The Calvert 22 Website.

The event is free, but booking is essential. There will be a small deposit required to confirm your place. 

This event is wheelchair accessible.