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Paraa presents

KutKut: Live Music & Book Launch

Sunday 6 May
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In a nutshell

A special event to launch the Kutkut project by Paraa, which includes book signing & special performance by the ballad singer Jenn Reid, following her residency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

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The aim of the evening is to launch the Kutkut project that will be piloted in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2019. 

Paraa, in collaboration with Shoshannah Williams and others is gearing up to launch a project in relation to the Kamalapur Railway Station. Kutkut is a project that will be aiming to work closely to develop innovative, flexible and playful ways to address extreme urban poverty, with a focus on mental health and wellbeing for women and young people.   

The aim of the evening is to learn a little about the Kutkut project, as well as the campaign to raise awareness for the project need, as well as fundraise.

The evening will also launch the first book of drawings by Ruhul Abdin, ‘Portraits of Kamalapur’, these portraits forms as part of a series of portrait drawings of people at the Kamalapur Railway Station, in Bangladesh’s capital, the megacity of Dhaka since 2017.

Finally, the evening will include a live musical performance by Jennifer Reid, a performer of 19th Century Industrial Revolution broadside ballads and Lancashire dialect work song. Jennifer's work now takes her to Bangladesh, where she is testing the idea that the Industrial Revolution never stopped, it just moved to Dhaka. 

Who's Involved

Paraa is an architectural and research studio, focusing on enhancing spaces with communities through multi-disciplinary practice. Paraa was conceptualized in 2011 as a social enterprise – currently led by Ruhul Abdin, architect Kazi Arefin, film producer Abbas Nokhasteh with a dedicated team in Bangladesh. 

Ruhul Abdin is co-founder of Paraa, an architectural design and research practice based in Bangladesh. He is also a portrait artist drawing mostly from life.

Jennifer Reid is a performer of 19thC Industrial Revolution broadside ballads and Lancashire dialect work song. After volunteering at Chetham's Library and the Working Class Movement Library, Jennifer completed an Advanced Diploma in Local History at Oxford University. Jennifer's work now takes her to Bangladesh, where she is testing the idea that the Industrial Revolution never stopped, it just moved to Dhaka.

What people are saying

“The studies across the sketchbooks, I hope you’ll see and feel, what I felt and saw at the time. There is a rigour of revisiting the site, and re-drawing the same sitters, if chance permits. It is up to the viewer to imagine what the life of each sitter may be.” – Ruhul Abdin

‘..The humble, celebratory balladress Jennifer Reid deserves mention not merely as a transmitter, but as an artist who took centre-stage to make this work happen. She evoked the humanity that is often missing in the digital age: a humanity that is lost in favour of quantity over quality, objectification over personalisation, throwaway commodification over permanence and, sadly, the rich and powerful over the proletariat." -

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is a fantastic venue, with the potential to engage and facilitate amazing collaborations at the grass roots levels. The centre has been great in supporting all of our work, experiments and collaborations over the years.'

Find out more / @Ruhulabdin

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 18+

This event is wheelchair accessible.