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Red Pepper magazine presents

Black words matter: an evening with Gary Younge, Shake! and Numbi Arts

Tuesday 19 July
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In a nutshell

Spoken word, performance, and discussion with author Gary Younge.

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Red Pepper are fundraising to recruit a new section editor with first hand experience of the struggle for black liberation. As a media project supporting movements for social and economic justice they feel it's an urgent priority to cover campaigns and creativity in areas such as: the Black Lives Matter movement, black feminism, detention centres, borders, police state, cultural appropriation, afrofuturism, the impacts of climate change, and the sharp edge of austerity.

What to expect

Gary Younge will share his experience to explain why this is a cause close to his own heart, followed by a Q&A.

It will be a social evening with a range of performances throughout.

Who’s involved

Gary Younge

Author, broadcaster and editor-at-large for the Guardian. He writes a monthly column for the Nation magazine and is the Alfred Knobler Fellow for The Nation Institute. He has written several books and has made radio and television documentaries on subjects ranging from the tea party to hip hop culture.

Red Pepper 

An independent media project covering politics from a community and campaigns point of view.


Young people, artists and campaigners working together to produce creative responses to social injustice.

Numbi Arts 

A platform for collaborative cross-cultural exchange between artists working in theatre, visual arts, music and film. Publishers of literary magazine Scarf.

Mr Gee 

poet & radio presenter. Co-Founder of Chill Pill Poetry night, host of Radio 4's "Bespoken Word" & "Rhyme & Reason". Poet Laureate on Russell Brand's Radio Show. @mrgeepoet 


A young aspiring poet, who has been writing poetry since the age of 16. She is currently working on launching an online e-magazine called 'Candid Rose'. @mrsnmelmi 

Salwa Osman 

Salwa started writing at the age of 14. She writes about various topics, majority of her pieces are abstract allowing the readers to interpret in whichever way befits them. She has performed at universities, workshops and slams over the past few years. @Iambic__ 

Abukar Elmi 

A recent economics and public policy graduate, with an appreciation for creative expression. Abukar has recently started performing at universities and workshops. 


Afrikaspoet started writing at the age of 17 in both English and Somali. She uses social platforms to share poetic pieces. She is a lover of cultural vibes, traditions and expresses that love through different forms of artistry, she aspires to write up an anthology of her best pieces in the future. @AfrikasPoet 

Elmi Ali 

Elmi is a writer, performer/facilitator based in the North-West. He writes poetry, short fiction and for the stage. His performances have been received in venues across the country from the Power House Library in Mosside to The British Library. His latest work is published in Sable 15 and Critical Muslim 13 respectively. He facilitates Voicing It, a weekly Creative Writing Lab at Contact Manchester and is associate editor at Scarf Magazine. @LegendaryNomad

What are people saying

'For all the column inches written about race there’s not a single print journalist with the specific responsibility of reporting and researching it. Funding one will raise the standards elsewhere' Gary Younge

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Come to this event and not only will you be supporting a great media initiative, you will also be supporting a unique cultural venue that brings diverse communities together!'

Find out more

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Twitter: @redpeppermag

Facebook: /redpeppermagazine

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

Unreserved seating

All funds raised will go to a new black journalism fund to support activist writers who are under-represented in the mainstream and alternative press.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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