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Abortion Rights presents

Beyond the Backstreet: Fighting for abortion rights 50 years on (DAY EVENT)

Saturday 28 October
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In a nutshell

Join Abortion Rights in celebrating of 50 years of safe and legal abortion

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Abortion Rights UK are giving the 1967 Abortion Act the 50th birthday celebration it deserves! They will be time-travelling through the past, present and future of abortion rights activism, from discussing past activists’ legacies and how the Act was won to the most pressing issues facing abortion rights today, from decriminalisation to Northern Ireland and understanding the importance of realistic abortion stories in popular culture. Phew!

The daytime event runs from 11am – 4pm, with a top-draw line-up of speakers. As if this wasn’t enough, there will ALSO be some great evening entertainment! Join us at 7pm for an evening of high-quality belly laughter! We’ve scored an awesome line-up of hilarious feminist comedians. People can come to the day and/or the evening. Tickets will be sold separately for each.

What to Expect

Expect an exciting, dynamic day of workshops, speeches and panel discussions from a broad-based line-up of expert women. You will hear from campaigning legends, noted academics, lawyers, journalists and activists from across the UK and Ireland. The evening portion will be full of belly-laughs and clever poetry.

Who's Involved

Jane Garvey, the award-winning, straight-talking, staunch feminist presenter of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

Polly Vernon, columnist, journalist and feminist novelist

Stella Creasy MP, secured free NHS abortions in mainland Britain this year for Northern Irish women

Cat Smith MP, feminist and loyal ally of the abortion rights campaign

Zing Tsjeng, the UK Editor of Broadly, one of the slickest feminist platforms around

Emma Campbell, co-Chair of Alliance for Choice and feminist writer

Satia Sa Dias, one half of the award-winning, kickass, hilarious podcast duo Melanin Millenials

Liza Bakeyi, long-time contributor to gal-dem and final year medical student with a special interest in women’s health and psychiatry

Kerry Abel, Chair of Abortion Rights, trade unionist and media commentator

Diane Munday, a member of ‘pro-choice royalty’ who campaigned for abortion rights at the time the Abortion Act became law

Dilys Cossey, activist and former secretary of Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA)

Jan Nielsen, long-time campaigner for abortion rights and National Abortion Campaign activist in East London against the Corrie Bill.

Sinead Kennedy, Secretary of the large coalition Repeal the 8th, which is fighting to legalise abortion in Ireland

Cara Sanquest, badass campaigner of the London branch of the Irish Abortion Rights Campaign

Dr. Pam Lowe, reproductive health, politics and feminism researcher and teacher at Aston University

Dr. Jayne Kavanagh, abortion doctor and UCL’s award-winning reproductive health, medical ethics and law expert

Dr. Ann Rossiter, tireless Irish pro-choice activist and author of ‘Ireland’s Hidden Diaspora’

Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC, took a high-profile case to the European Courts of Human Rights this year challenging the then absence of NHS-funded abortions for Northern Irish women

Professor Sally Sheldon, Guardian contributor, author and Kent University’s law, abortion and medical ethics lecturer

Rashida Islam, Muslims for Choice founder, politics blogger and anti-war racism and climate-change campaigner

Judith Orr, Author of ‘Abortion wars’ and campaigner for abortion rights since the 1970s

Edem Barbara Ntumy, Activist, Abortion Rights executive member and co- founder of Christians for Choice

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Things you should know

You can purchase a full day pass (entry to both the talks/workshops in the day and the evening event) here

For ages 16+ or at parental discretion.

This event is wheelchair accessible.