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The Art of R.A.P Party

Friday 6 October
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In a nutshell

Screening of ICE T’s critically acclaimed documentary, ‘The Art Of Rap’, followed by The RAP Party where poets read poems inspired by any aspect of hip hop culture, and the DJ plays some of their favourite hip hop songs… a laid back, poetry infused nostalgic house party.

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What might eloquent voices from contemporary poetry and spoken word movements have to say about hip-hop's past, present and future? Come chill and find out at Inua Ellams' Rhythm And Poetry Party... a nostalgic, no-clutter, no-fuss, straight-up evening of hip-hop-inspired poems and favourite hip-hop songs.

The format is super simple. A writer reads a poem/piece/prose 'inspired' by any aspect of hip hop culture, and the DJ plays two of the writer’s favourite songs. Whether you come to listen or come to dance, you will leave inspired.

The event also includes a screening of the critically acclaimed hip hop documentary 'The Art of Rap', presented by Ice Cube, exclusive to RAP Party ticket holders. The screening will start at 6.30pm. 

What to Expect

First, a documentary film screening followed by R.A.P Party. This will set the tone for the event.

Second, the rap party, where most of the night will be spent dancing, listening to the DJ’s selection and chatting. After every three of four songs, the lights will dim, or a part of the room will become spot-lit where there is a raised platform/soap box. Inua Ellams will introduce a poet/performer who will read/perform for a while. After she/he is done, the dj will carry on spinning.

This will happen until we run out of poets, or until the night is done.


Who's Involved

Inua Ellams // @inuaellams

Born in Nigeria, Inua Ellams is an award winning poet, playwright & founder of the Midnight Run. Identity, Displacement & Destiny are reoccurring themes in his work. His current poetry collection is AFTERHOURS (Nine Arches, 2017). His most recent play is Barbershop Chronicles which ran at the National Theatre.

Sid Mercutio // @SidMercutio

SiD Mercutio a.k.a. Roland Idehen started as a dj in 2000 and moved to music production, first practicing on a playstation, to a PC, and eventually learning Sound Recording Technology at London Metropolitan University. Further study at the prestigious Alchemea Studios led to the ever expanding knowledge of his craft and musical mind. His style deals with melodies, grooves, a touch of soul, not too hot or too cold for the human soul.

Jay Bernard // @brrnrrd

Jay Bernard works as a writer and film programmer at BFI Flare. They are the author of three pamphlets, The Red and Yellow Nothing (2016), English Breakfast (2013), and Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl (2008) including TEN: The New Wave, Voice Recognition and Out of Bounds: Black British Writers.

Gabriel Akamo // @GabrielAkamo

Gabriel Akamo is a Nigerian-British poet, actor, and creative producer from London. He has worked with venues such as Rich Mix, Roundhouse, and the Royal Academy of Arts. His work draws on his background in both theatre and Philosophy. He is a Barbican Young Poet and former member of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective.

Amina Jama // @_aminajama

Amina Jama is a Somali-British poet based in London. She wants to make her audience challenge what they think they know about poetry and make them fall in love with words. It has been said that her work is brave and humble with a warm intimacy both on stage and on the page. She is part of several London collectives performing across the city.

JJ Bola // @JJ_Bola

JJ Bola’s work is centred on a narrative of empowerment and healing of trauma. Creating the popular addage, 'hype your writers like you do you rappers'. JJ Bola published three books of poetry, including WORD (2015). His debut novel, No Place to Call Home (OWN IT, 2017), is available in all mainstream and independent bookstores.

LyricL // @LyricL

LyricL is a poet, rapper and singer. She won the BEFFTA award for Best Spoken Word Artist in 2014.

Joshua Idehen  // @BeninCitizen

Joshua Idehen is a Nigerian born British poet and musician. He is a member of electro/R&B band Hugh. He collaborated with The Comet Is Coming on their debut album 'Channel The Spirits' nominated for a Mercury Award.

Tania Nwachukwu // @gwehgweh1

Tania Nwachukwu is a Nigerian-British writer, poet and performer from London. She is a member of the Octavia poetry collective, a Barbican Young Poets alum and the co-founder of Black in the Day.

Kieron Rennie // @Kieron_Rennie

Kieron Rennie has been described as a ‘forward-thinking poet who often creates innovative concepts’. Kieron was commissioned to write poetry for the Portrait of the Artist exhibition at Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace, in conjunction with Apples and Snakes. Kieron has performed at venues such as the Barbican, and Lovebox Festival.

Michelle Tiwo // @ ChelleOT

Michelle Tiwo is an actor, poet, performer and co-founder/co-host of Sistren podcast and radio show. A self-proclaimed unicorn, her work explores womanism, loss, sexuality, and what happens when you're raised by Nigerian/Togolese parents via South East London.

What people are saying

"RAP Party is the kind of night you end up talking about all week at the office. No other night will give you the joy of a great party and the warmth of a poetry gig all at once. Music fiends and poetry lovers you have found home." - Caleb Femi

"Best poetry night, hands down, and the song choices were incredible." - Amy Betterman

"A truly fluid literary event not just mingling poetry and music together seamlessly, but also bringing different tribes of poets: ages, races, gender, styles together. You will be moved in your heart and in your head." - Roger Robinson

"I can’t believe no one thought about this before. Hip Hop and poems about Hip Hop back to back? Sweet!" - Hannah Barnet

"The RAP Party combines the best of a great hip hop night with the best of a great poetry night. You listen, you dance and repeat the cycle... and the vibe: you get to meet people and get down to an incredible set. The Dj is next level wicked, and the hosts feel like old friends." - Stella Odunlami

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Follow: @therandpevents / Inua Ellam's RAP Party 

Things you should know

Please note:
Doors open at 6pm.
The screening of 'The Art of Rap' starts at 6.30pm.
The performances start at 8.30pm.  

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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