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Rich Mix presents

PLAY-HOUSE: Saturday

Saturday 31 March

In a nutshell

A day of free family-friendly creative activities!

What to Expect

Get stuck into lots of arts and crafts activities; find stories new and old through storytelling and a bookswap; and discover the history of The Curtain Theatre (built in 1577, the remains of which were famously discovered here in Shoreditch in 2012) with The MOLA Time Truck

These activities will run all day from 11am:

Mowlem Children’s Centre presents: Cardboard Cityscape
A city to play in, a city to sleep in, a city to shop in, a city to learn in, a city to dream in. Come and create your own city with artist Diana Jones using cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes and rolls of masking tapes. Just bring your imagination and a sense of fun.

St Hilda’s East Community Centre presents: Our Tower Hamlets
Join our friends from our local Community Centre to take part in a banner making workshop. The banner is a fabric map of Tower Hamlets. Add you own home, favourite landmark or your special place and share a story or two while doing so!

Rich Mix presents: PLAY-HOUSE’s own Bookswap
Rich Mix’s own inimitable Bookswap! Come along with an old story and swap it for a brand new adventure, completely free. Find a cosy spot and have a read! Supported by our very own children’s book lovers, we’ll help you choose.

Kirsti Davies presents: Visual Minutes
What sort of city do we want to live, work and play in? Visual Minutes are an illustrated record of the conversations we have during the Festival. The process is all about thinking, listening and then visualising ideas in a colourful and engaging way! Fun for all the family to get involved.

Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) presents: The Time Truck
The Time Truck offers a great way to find out more about local history. You can handle artefacts found locally, make your own medieval merchants tokens, and get your trowels in dig boxes to uncover replica Elizabethan money boxes, of the type that were found at the Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre here in Shoreditch.

Arthoppers in Parntership with MOLA and Rich Mix presents: Dramatic Discoveries
A stunning display and exhibition from pupils at Thomas Buxton School, inspired by the historic remains uncovered at Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre. This exhibition will be up until Mon 16 April. Find out more here.


These activities will run from 11am - 4pm, with a lunch-break from 1 - 2pm:

Sylvia Morgado presents: INTERATIVOS Creative Workshop and Exchange
A playground for children and adults of all ages. A space to create, think and share your stories. Lots of creative craft materials and equipment for interaction and inspiration, including old-fashioned typewriters!

Tower Hamlets Parental Engagement Team presents:  Creative Arts to Celebrate Local History
Inspired by all things historic. Come and make your own Elizabethan clay money box inspired by those found locally at Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre.
Design and make your own Family Crest like they had in yesteryear. What motifs will yours include? What will your family motto be?

Spitalfields City Farm presents: Sharing seeds, Making friends
Share stories and seeds with the Connected Seeds Library. Get your hands in soil and plant, take home and watch your seedlings grow. Find out all that our wonderful local Farm has to offer families.

Mowlem Children’s Centre presents: People who help us in our Neighbourhood
The Children’s Centre is joined by a very special guest, Firefighter Mohammed. He’ll have his suit and equipment and he can’t wait to tell you what firefighters do to help.
Imaginary play; dressing up and small world. Messy play; make your own playdough and take home a bag and recipe.


This activity will run during the lunch break from 1 - 2pm:

Tower Hamlets Idea Store presents: Under 5s Storytelling
Join our friends from the Idea Store for an interactive and participatory storytelling session; complete with rhymes, stories, props and loads of laughs. Find out more about the Idea Store services and how to become a library member.

Who's Involved

Special thanks to our partners: Arthoppers, Diana Jones Arts, Idea Store, London Borough of Tower Hamlets Parental Engagement, Mowlem Children's Centre, Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) Time Truck, Rich Mix, Spitalfields Farm, St Hilda's East Community Centre, Sylvia Margado, Kirsti Davies.

Things you should know

Suitable for all ages

This event is wheelchair accessible.