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Workshop: Fear as a Source of Creativity

Until Sunday 21 May 2017
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In a nutshell

A workshop aimed at providing a practical, somatic understanding of fear as a boundary that separates me from the other.

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We humans like to be liked. Each of us needs to feel part of something larger than our individual self. But every act of real connection with someone (through a glance, a conversation, through physical contact or a song) encompasses a certain amount of fear that we are not always ready to experience. However, this fear can be an invigorating source of energy that can boost you beyond your limits if you learn how to embrace it. This workshop aims to provide a somatic understanding of fear as a boundary that separates me from the other in any casual or artistic communication.

Fear = growing tense = being far from the other.

Letting the fear flow = being relaxed, permeable = becoming close to the other.

Whether you are a singer, a musician, an actor, a dancer, a business executive or a shop assistant, learn to engage a more successful and enriching communicative experience by acknowledging, allowing and using the free flow of fear.

What to Expect

Each session will consist of two parts: in the first 90 minutes we will learn different breathing and body awareness exercises that will allow you to achieve an enhanced experience of embodiment. After that, we will go practical with examples of how ‘we lose our body’ when we face an audience, and how our communication is reduced due to the loss of presence. Instructions will be given to reverse that reaction and engage a powerful and creative act of communication that uses fear as a source of energy to boost the intensity of the moment and bond you with your audience.

Who's Involved

Ivan Andrade is a Somatic Trainer, Stage Director and Playwright. His work advocates for the development of the performer’s physicality through acknowledging and embodying the energy that arouses in front of an audience as a way to achieve an enhanced state of performance.

What people are saying

 ‘Developing my bodily conscience has allowed me to establish a much stronger connection with my audience in my concerts.’ Claire Risquez, London.

‘This work has completely changed my acting. I enjoy it so much more. Each night is completely different.’ Will Maese, Barcelona.

 ‘I never experienced anything like this before. Thank you.’ Marion Bélaz, Paris.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'As a hub for cultural innovation and the independent arts in London, Rich Mix is the perfect spot to attract professionals and audience to the innovative experience of one of the most radical approaches that exists today in the field of embodied performance.'

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Things you should know

For ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.