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Thursday 1 February
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In a nutshell

TootArd (Arabic for strawberries) are a self-defined mountain rock reggae band, having audiences on their feet and dancing for an entire set

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TootArd is a 'mountain rock reggae' band from the majestic mountainside village of Majdal Shams in the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Their 'Laissez Passer' documents say their identities are 'Undefined' but they are sure that music will lead them.

Singing in Arabic and gliding across the borders of West African, Saharan, Caribbean grooves and classical Arabic modalities, they will make every audience laugh, dance, smile, ask questions, and imagine the many possibilities for a better future…

What people are saying

'A rich amalgam of adapted sounds from across the Arab world and beyond, with little concern for genre boundaries' - The Wire

'TootArd’s way with a groove is compulsive and liable to drag listeners bobbing and dancing' - The Arts Desk

'Echoing guitar riffs are sandwiched with classical Arabic harmonies in an aural feast that reflects the multifaceted nature of existing in an indeterminable state. ****' - Morning Star

'TootArd’s first international album is a wonderfully varied listen. In both sound and subject matter it seems to be an acceptance of the fact that TootArd’s identity is inherently political. Regardless though, they find joy in their music and, borders aside, Laissez-Passer says there is always a reason to dance.' - The Quietus

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This event is wheelchair accessible.