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Mithila Sarma presents

Subduction Zone

Saturday 9 September
From £8.00
to £10.00

In a nutshell

A cutting-edge music and dance production exploring the complexities of identity of a young British-Sri Lankan woman.

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After a sell-out debut show, Subduction Zone returns to Rich Mix  to tell a story reflecting upon the upbringing of a young British-Sri Lankan Tamil woman born and raised in the East End, through a collection of songs and pieces, exploring various struggles and emotions faced as a child of refugees. In particular, it focuses on the experiences of racism, discrimination, feminism, class and cultural appropriation, which all ultimately lead to a sense of confused identity and internal conflict.

What to Expect

An innovative and experimental production of live music and dance bringing together of different genres to reflect the diverse influences of the artists, and showcase the progression of the South Asian arts. Expect South Indian Classical music (Carnatic), with elements of Hindustani and contemporary Western combined with influences of Dub and UK Grime. Experience the story through the beautiful dance forms of Bharathanatyam (South Indian Classical dance) and Contemporary Street dance!

Who's Involved

This production involves British based artists, all with an understanding of the South Asian classical arts bringing their own influences and identity to new music and dance. This unique production brings together a variety of talents to showcase different aspects within cultural identity.

Creatively produced by Mithila Sarma, she is an upcoming Veena artist, artistic director of the zerOclassikal project and a member of the band Project 12. Her avid interest in music, dance and politics is where this creative story stems from and reflects her heritage in a new and innovative production.

What people are saying

'The unique and complex identity of British Tamils is one of the stories that is often hidden within specific contexts; but now the next generation are unfolding the richness of their refined cultural traditions and combining them with their equally strong urban influences.' - Seetal Gahir, Pulse Magazine

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Facebook: Mithila Sarma 

Things you should know

Under 18's allowed with an adult. 

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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