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Friday 4 May
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In a nutshell

London’s favourite feminist punk witches bring their pop-punk sound and riotous 'girls to the front' show to Rich Mix. 

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Dream Nails are a collection of glittering punk witches playing catchy, feminist pop-punk songs. 

Support are the fabulous The Gulps, a London band with members from Spain, Italy, France and Belgium, already creating a big buzz in London’s underground music scene. 

Who's Involved

Dream Nails, four feminist 'punk witches' from London, have spent the last two years cultivating a reputation for their riotous, joyous live shows and raucous energy. Born out of the bubbling DIY scene, this ethos, and their politically-motivated music are at the center of everything they create. Described as 'the Ramones meets Bikini Kill', Dream Nails have twice headlined Glastonbury's first women-only stage, and toured across the UK and Europe.

The Gulps are a Camden based band who´ve been delivering their own brand of rock n roll since early 2017. Fusing classic influences with a modern edge, they've learnt from the best, influenced in their songwriting by The Beatles, their performance by the Rolling Stones and their attitude by The Sex Pistols. Combining thrashing guitars with wild, unpredictable drums, sonorous bass and elegant vocals, these gents are known for climbing into your brain through your ear. These five boys are at once dangerous in energy and near impossible not to like.

What people are saying

'new single Vagina Police is nothing short of brilliant' DIVA magazine

'catchy lyrics and brilliant hooks' The Guardian

'A political push that'll send any audience member reeling' Dazed & Confused

'Infectious melodies' NYLON magazine

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is a vital part of the musical community putting on events from amazing musicians across all genres. A venue willing to champion new and adventurous music.'

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.