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Splice Festival presents

Splice Festival 2018: Day 2

Saturday 12 May
From £13.00
to £17.50
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In a nutshell

Day 2 of the the UK’s leading AV festival.

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The worlds leading AV artists, electronic musicians, visual artists and VJs perform alongside the most exciting emerging and underground talent.

What to Expect

Stunning audio-visual performances including live coding, algorave, AV sampling and remixing, film collage, generative visuals, interactive technology and body mapping with wide ranging musical styles from ambient through to dark industrial electronics.

Who's Involved

Zoe McPherson : String Figures (AV)

McPherson presents the intensely powerful and hypnotic live audiovisual version of her new album 'String Figures' exploring the interface between traditional Inuit culture, Western commercialism, and virtual spaces.

Kimatica : Transcendence (AV)

Combining scientific and psychological research with visual arts, interactive technology and live performance, Kimatica explore how to create an immersive experience that activates an altered state of consciousness within in the audience.

People Like Us : The Mirror (AV)

British media artist Vicki Bennett has been a prominent figure in the international media art scene for over 20 years. Sampling movie snippets, her new AV performance The Mirror explores the masks we wear represented through the lens.

Addictive TV : Orchestra of Samples (AV)

Duo Addictive TV have been leading lights in the AV scene for over two decades. Filming over 200 musicians in 30 countries, their project Orchestra of Samples audiovisually samples and combines them into a digital supergroup who never met.

Comfort Zones (AV)

The Polish duo explore the mysterious landscapes of internal sensations, describing their project as “an audiovisual poem for analog dreamers, spatial symbiosis of photons floating on the waves in a neurochemical synaptic dance”.

Joanne (AV)

Joanne is a leading figure in the algorave live coding movement, making sounds using code and hardware synthesisers, performing regularly as part of ALGOBABEZ and OFFAL (Orchestra For Females And Laptops).

Benjamin Heim : Essays in Interaction (AV)

Australian composer and media artist Heim is currently at the Royal College of Music. Creating visuals using generative interfaces, ranging from a MIDI keyboard used to control a physics-based particle system to a modular synthesiser. His 2017 AV piece Playing Chaos reached the Celeste Art Prize finals - the international contemporary art award. 

Heidi Hörsturz  : We need more Laser! (AV)

With the desire of contemporary society to become overstimulated in a world of rapidly shrinking attention spans, Dutch media-artist and animator Hörsturz strives for an artificially constructed world.

What people are saying

'Splice was a blast, London is unquestionably one of, if not THE, key centre for AV work. Full marks.' - Matt Black (Coldcut) / Ninja Tune (2017 Headline Artist)

'Great curation all round!' Mira Calix / Warp Records (2017 Headline Artist)

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 18+

This event is wheelchair accessible.