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Splice Festival presents

Splice Festival 2018: Day 1 Talks

Friday 11 May
Venue 2

In a nutshell

Compelling talks and workshops from leading artists, developers and lecturers in the field.

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Friday’s Splice Festival begins with compelling afternoon talks and workshops.

Hear from pioneering Dutch AV artist Eboman presenting EboSuite - his new AV plug-in for music software Ableton Live, a talk from leading live visuals and VJ software developers VDMX and a presentation by media artist Atau Tanaka - Goldsmiths University of London professor and former artistic ambassador for Apple. Splice is part of the AV Node Network, which partners 13 art and technology festivals across 12 European countries to promote and support the work of audio visual artists.

What to Expect

Talks, presentations and Q&As

Who's Involved

Atau Tanaka, Blanca Regina and Piere Tardif : Immersive Pipeline
Goldsmiths lecturer Atau Tanaka presents Immersive Pipeline, his latest research project for both The Arts and Humanities Research Council and The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council looking at next gen immersive experiences.

Dr Jane Lovell & Howard Griffin

They will be presenting their paper “Lumiere fairy-tales: Projection mapping magically real and irreal festival lightscapes” which uses case studies of events staged and visited by the authors to illustrate how projection-mapped light installations conjure, and deceive with magical reality.

David Lublin (VDMX) : VJing WTF is it?
Ever wondered the ‘what’ and ‘hows’ of VJing?  In this talk the leading VJ software developers VDMX explore the role of the VJ at concerts and live shows, taking a broad look at the tools being used and how to add live visuals to your own projects.


'Splice was a blast, London is unquestionably one of, if not THE, key centre for AV work. Full marks.' - Matt Black (Coldcut) / Ninja Tune (2017 Headline Artist)

'Great curation all round!' Mira Calix / Warp Records (2017 Headline Artist)

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.