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Vonnegut Collective presents

Sounds from the Sketchpad Vonnegut Collective with Tullis Rennie

Saturday 20 May
Venue 1
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In a nutshell

A collective musical engagement using graphic scores, text and recordings

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Since 2015 the Vonnegut Collective has facilitated creative music-making, story-telling and free expression through structured and improvised sound in the concert hall and within local communities.

Championing Kurt Vonnegut’s philosophies on personal involvement in the arts to ‘find out what’s inside you’, to ‘make your soul grow’, these passionate musicians work tirelessly to present new music in unique and engaging ways, challenging hierarchies between composer, score, performer and audience. They wish to give everyone the chance to experience new music in an active and inclusive way, giving people ownership of the music of their own time.

The performance will place the musicians within a surrounding audience. This will be a collective musical engagement using graphic scores, text and recordings, all of which have grown out recent work with local schools, universities and care homes. Prepare to be engaged! A discussion will follow the event.

What to Expect

An interactive event where the Vonnegut Collective will lead the audience in creating materials for sound interpretation and engagement

Who's Involved

Gemma Bass (violin)

Gary Farr (trumpet)

Tullis Rennie (composer)

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Things you should know

For all ages

This event is wheelchair accessible.