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Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar

Thursday 30 November
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In a nutshell

East European and Balkan Gypsy vibes, trans-Danube swing, tango or pogo: Shantel is your man. With support from Gypsy Hill Sound System. 

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This is Shantel’s first show in London for four years. His hits such as Bucovina, Disko Partizani and Super Bad Day, with their East European and Balkan Gypsy vibes, have spanked audiences into a joyous frenzy around the world. Though the geography is wide, the sound is unmistakeable. Music from this part of the world combines brawling energy with unfathomable sadness. It could be the sound of a wedding or a wake. Maintaining the same energy and hot brass from when he first kicked the door open, if you love trans-Danube swing, tango or pogo, Shantel is your man.

Based in Frankfurt, Shantel is of Bukovina German descent - his grandparents on the maternal side were from the Romanian part of Bukovina that is now part of Ukraine. He is known for his work with gypsy brass orchestras, DJing and remixing traditional Balkan music with electronic beats. His Bucovina Club parties are legendary as is his live band Bucovina Club Orkestar.

Support act Gypsy Hill Sound System play an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic beats, they mix the traditional with a uniquely modern sound. 

What to Expect

Live band with Balkan brass music.

Find out more

Facebook: /ShantelBucovinaClub/ / /gypsyhillmusic/ 

Things you should know

For ages 16+. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

This event is wheelchair accessible.