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Riot Jazz Brass Band + Support

Friday 12 May
Main Space
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In a nutshell

The 9-barrelled Balkan-to-Brooklyn, brass-boosted band Riot Jazz is coming to Rich Mix to launch their fantastic live album!

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Hailing from Manchester, the highly acclaimed Riot Jazz Brass Band are coming to Rich Mix for a special show to launch their new album ‘Live at Band On The Wall’. The band’s second LP - recorded live at the legendary ‘Band On The Wall’ - showcases the power of Riot Jazz and their incredible show. Highly in demand, this special London gig marks the start of Riot Jazz’s summer tour which will take them to a variety of venues and festivals, home and abroad.

Riot Jazz Incoming!

What to Expect

Fronted by MC Chunky expect to sing, dance and celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new live album.

Who's Involved

Riot Jazz 
[rahy-ut jaz] A twisted mix of funk, soul, hiphop and aggressive jazz - sculpted round the LIVE 9-piece Riot Jazz Brass Band.

Since their maiden voyage in Manchester 2008, the Riot Jazz Brass Band has been the bare-breasted galleon figure of the Riot Jazz flotilla. 

Captained by Nick Walters and fronted by the prodigious MC CHUNKY, these brass-wielding sentinels of live music and good times have infected ear-holes, dance floors and festival fields far and wide. 


Find out more


Twitter: @RiotJazz


Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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