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RENU\Holykuti Records presents

RENU: They Dance in the Dark

Thursday 19 July
Main Space
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In a nutshell

Imagine a party where Gary Numan is married to The Orb, who is slow dancing with Massive Attack, Oum Kalthoum is kissing Prince and  Daphne Oram is mixing the drinks.

Go on...

Two years on and off in the Holykuti Studios, produced in London, Berlin & Beirut with singers & performers from Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, UK & Lebanon, They Dance in the Dark first started as an experiment. Realising her true introversion, RENU worked through mainly the computer and the philosophy of playing Tablas in mind: creating big & infinite sounds with a minimum set up.

They Dance in the Dark largely references 80´s & 90´s electronic dance music, the height of dark hooky anthems, with an underlying post-colonial narrative, timeless but unquestionably current.

What to Expect

Artist RENU performs They Dance in The Dark in the manner of an electronic dance odyssey with live percussion (tabla, cajon, latin percussion, soundscaping percussion) and live electronics. A plasmic electrical journey which andulates and ebbs its way through a cosmos of mixed media, taking you into another realm. The body performances by supernatural-queer characters who have trained in largely circus and dance performance fall into a perfect composition of cultivated weirdness. The live visuals have been specially prepared for the show for over 2 years.

Who's Involved

RENU is a BRLN\LNDN based composer, producer and percussionist. Originally a percussionist for multiple bands: Grace Jones, State of Bengal.. Renu started producing her music in 2010. Fast forward some years, learning percussion in India, Brazil, Cuba, composing for theatre, film, dance, she has now landed in an electronic realm.

Miss Sugar Mamasota is a New York based producer, dancer, clothes designer and performance artist. Her work is a physical storytelling, a satirical take on race, gender and sexuality. She has already performed with RENU in the THEY DANCE IN THE DARK premier show in Berlin, Gorky Theatre/Studio R.

Dusty Whistles is a posthuman drag performer and multidisciplinary artist coming from New York. Her drag persona is a living network of relation expressed through a point of multiple intersections of lifeforms and experiences.

Salma is 3000 years old. A witch, the goddess Nin'ana from the Mesopotamien era an avatar of Kali Ma. Salma is also a writer and creative adviser for Renu. Salma also performed in the THEY DANCE IN THE DARK premier show in Berlin, Gorky Theatre/Studio R.

Yue Wang
Born in Guizhou, China, Yue Wang studied filmmaking and creative media in Hong Kong and Bristol, later obtained an MA in animation at Central Saint Martins London. She has produced work across film and animation that were shown and awarded at the ICA (London), Whitechapel Gallery (London), Centre Culturel Suisse (Paris), Locomoción Festival (Mexico City).

What people are saying

'Very beautiful… sublime’ - BBC Radio 6

‘Stately magic’ - BBC Late Junction

'They Dance In The Dark is not like other dance records' - The Quietus 

'Best of Top 10 Albums 2017’ - ART FORUM MAGAZINE (NYC)

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Thu 19 July

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