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In Place of War presents

The Power of Hip Hop : LIVE

Saturday 9 July
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In a nutshell

Join some of hip-hop’s most revolutionary voices for a day of talks and performance about hip hop and social change.

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Since its birth in the 1970s Bronx, hip hop has had a conscience. Today, graffiti artists, MCs, breakdancers and DJs across the world are empowering themselves and their communities through hip hop, creating real social and political change.

They are empowering women in Colombia, creating political movements in Burkina Faso, fighting for freedom of speech in Zimbabwe, and challenging religious stereotypes in the UK. All the time creating incredible raps, rhymes and beats.

Through music, dance, MCing, turntabling, exhibition and talks, come and meet some of the world’s most revolutionary hip hop artists as they tell us their personal experiences of hip hop changing the world.

Ask why hip hop is such a powerful tool for transformation.

Discover how people across the globe are using it to change lives.

See what you can change through the power of hip hop.

The Power of Hip Hop: LIVE is part of In Place of War’s event series Culture. Conflict. Change. taking place at Rich Mix throughout 2016.

What to expect

Through a mix of music, dance, rap, DJing, VJing, exhibitions and satire, you’ll hear 14 artists tell us their story of how hip hop is changing the world. In between each set of talks there will be chances to discuss, share and get to know each other.

Ends with DJ set and drinks.

Who’s involved

In Place of War

In Place of War is a multi-award winning organisation based within The University of Manchester that empowers, mobilises and connects artists and creative communities in sites of war, post-conflict and humanitarian disaster. Our work spans research, production, alternative education programmes, digital networks and cultural spaces.

Index on Censorship

Index on Censorship was founded in 1972 to publish the untold stories of dissidents behind the Iron Curtain. From writers in Azerbaijan to comedians in Zimbabwe, they continue to promote freedom of expression and to amplify and support censored voices internationally. 

Funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, and supported by Index on Censorship.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is somewhere that supports incredible art, celebrates the diversity of the world around us and encourages people to explore new thinking through a rich, accessible and varied programme. These are all things that are important to In Place of War, and we’re thrilled to be working with this venue.'

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Things you should know

Tickets to the seminar on Friday 8 July can be purchased here.

This is a seated event

This event is wheelchair accessible.