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Road Gals LDN presents

Pirates Live Show

Saturday 12 August
Venue 1
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In a nutshell

Pirates Live is an immersive pirate radio experience, which will showcase work from emerging musicians, DJs and artists.

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Pirates Live is an immersive live pirate radio performance, hoping to document a completely fresh perspective of underground UK Music and Road Culture and invite an audience to challenge, dissect and observe how DIY Culture manifests through Grime, Garage and Jungle music. This will be a showcase of emerging creatives telling their stories through their individual artistic practises. This event is a showcase of cross-arts collaboration between emerging Artists, MCs, and DJs in London. We will put together original content and performance based on the concept of Pirate Radio. This will be an open night for us to celebrate each others work after a week-long residency.

What to Expect

Live music + Pirate Radio Experience, digital art pieces and short films. There will be a range of emerging and diverse acts performing and this will be an opportunity for them to share any new material. There will be networking before and after the show.

Who's Involved

Kaisle Grai

Kaisle Grai aka Jasmine Kahlia is a London - Based Electronic musician. She draws many influences into her work mixing gothic style, ambient electronica and noughties grime. She has produced two projects INTERFACE•TY and Road Gals LDN, which were both showcased at Richmix.


Abondance Matanda is an arts and culture writer and poet. She is based in London, which largely informs her subject matters and subversive, colloquial voice.

Video VEXens

Video VEXens are a continually expanding audio visual network of femmes with over 20 contributors of BAME and LGBTQI backgrounds.They have worked on an event at Rich Mix called INTERFACE.TY which was an audio visual show.

JuJu Guyver

Juju Guyver is a Luton-based writer and illustrator. She has released her first book ‘A Camden Tale’ written in UK slang. She has made original content for the show and has produced work for Road Gals LDN in February 2017.

This project has been generously funded by Arts Council England.

What people are saying

'Fully enjoyed Road Gals LDN!' – Olivia Twist, Black British Girlhood

'So empowered by Road Gals LDN!! Killed it!' – Ann, Video VEXens

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix have made a space for artists like us, keeps arts accessible for people like us and is true to the culture and versatility of East London and fights to keep the Arts alive. It’s a open starting point for young creatives but also a really significant cultural venue. Its always an honour to be involved and have so much support from them!'

Find out more

@kaislegrai @abondance_ @videovexens @simplyinnovatory

Things you should know

All artists wanting to submit 5 minute videos or digital work/collage, which will be projected for the event, please submit through tumblr or email with enquiries

Please be aware latecomers may not be admitted

TAKEOVER events are open to ages 16-25 unless stated otherwise. Please make sure you bring ID.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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