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Movimiento Jaguar Despierto presents

Mujeres y Rebeldía (Evening)

Saturday 17 March
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In a nutshell

A healing space led by Latin American women for all migrant women, to come together through workshops, films, discussion and dance. Plus music from Matices Latino, and DJ sets from Movimientos

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As women, we feel constant risks in our personal lives. We face barriers and attacks on our psychological and physical well-being. Every year, around this date we come together with a deep wish to collect our energies and show gratitude for our daily struggle against gendered oppression and all types of oppression.

In this all-day event, we will bring to life the struggle of our grandmothers and mothers – by holding each other up through music, art, film and dance.

This space is for the women of our communities - a space to appreciate each other through art, oral histories and healing. Through our documentary and panel, we will the share knowledge and nurture the strength of the young women in our community as they learn from our elders. The day will end with a celebration of women’s struggles in the best latinx style.

We are here to support each other and hold the line for each other. This is a space we want to hold for you, for us – to recover us, to recover those spaces. Join us!

*We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

Who's Involved

Movimiento Jaguar Despierto
Latin American migrants living in London who seek to raise awareness about the social issues facing our communities in the UK and back on our continent. From a point of decoloniality – we take creative action to affirm the right to life, land, water and culture.

Matices Latino
Led by outstanding Colombian singer Luz Elena Caicedo, and musically directed by multi-percussionist Wilmer Sifontes from Venezuela, the group deliver an array of different musical styles from countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru and Argentina, which explores the rhythms and melodies of African-inspired Latin music.

With support from:
London Latinx
War on Want

What people are saying

'Movimiento Jaguar Despierto is about holding the space for migrant women and all women, through reflection, self-care and dancing!' 

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix has become a go-to place for the Latin American community, in all its shades, shapes and nuances. It’s accessible, it’s political, it’s migration and community. This space holds countless hours of debate, learning, exchange and dance.'

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Things you should know

This is part of an all day event. Check out the daytime event here.

Suitable for all ages

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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