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Nations of Migrations Awakening the Diaspora presents

Migration without Borders

Saturday 13 August
Venue 2

In a nutshell

A fun and creative workshop breaking down the labels and stigma attached to refugee and migration by having meaningful discussions and dialogue. 

Go on…

Using fish bowl drama exercise explore different topics and statements around migration, refugee and migrant issues. This activity allows people to have an engaging debate and meaningful discussions. 

What to expect

Four people are seated in the middle of a circle and a statement is read out in which they might agree or disagree with, at any point they can leave the discussion and someone else can step in and take their place. The main points gathered from the discussion will be used for the next activity were people will be given these ideas, topics and possible scenarios to create a role play or creative performance within their groups with the support of artists.

Who’s involved


Nomad was founded in 2008 and thei mission is to prevent and bridge the gaps between communities, instill confidence and self-belief by supporting young individual’s development and to allow a more authentic form of integration.  

Find out more


Facebook: /nomadcharity

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 12+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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