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MARSM presents

Maya Youssef - Album Launch: ‘Syrian Dreams’

Monday 20 November
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In a nutshell

Virtuoso Syrian qanun player Maya Youssef premieres her new album ‘Syrian Dreams’.

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‘Syrian Dreams’ is Maya Youssef’s personal journey through the 6 years of war in Syria, a translation of her memories of home and an expression of a deeply rooted connected to her music. Intricately connected to her youth in Damascus, she began her training in classical music at the age of 7. Nationally recognised by the age of 12, she went on to graduate from the High Institute of Music and Dramatic Arts in Damascus and later was invited into the full-time faculty to teach qanun at Oman’s Sultan Qaboos University. Subsequently endorsed by the Arts Council England, she was chosen for the ‘Exceptional Talent scheme’ to move to London, where she now teaches, plays and researches.

Debuting her highly anticipated first album (exec. producer Joe Boyd), Maya will be supported by Basel Saleh of the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians, renowned Syrian oud player, conductor and choir leader whose stunning work has resonated far beyond his native Homs to be featured throughout prestigious festivals in the Middle East and Europe.

What to Expect

Combining her extraordinary talent and dexterity, Maya Youssef has crafted a unique and innovative approach to playing the qanun, a traditional Syrian 78 stringed plucked zither famed for its penetrating and illustrious sound. To Maya, the act of playing music is a life and hope-affirming act; a space and musical solace where harm and pain is not only hindered, but reversed. Striking melodies meet solemn emotions are accompanied by Barney Morse-Brown (cello) and Seb Flaig (percussion) for this highly anticipated album launch.

Mouth-watering Syrian Food will be available during the album-signing.

Who's Involved

Maya Youssef (qanun)

Barney Morse-Brown (cello)

Seb Flaig (percussion)

Basel Saleh (oud)

Elizabeth Nott (percussion)

What people are saying

Glorious magnificence.' – BBC Arabic TV

'Genius' – BBC World Service, Global Beats

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Watch: 'Syrian Dreams' album teaser

Things you should know

Please note: this is a seated gig.

This event is wheelchair accessible.