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The 16th London African Music Festival presents


Monday 8 October
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Ivory Coast's brightest international star and Afro Groove Queen. Manou is a virtuosic and unique talent with an incredibly rich heritage.

As a girl she played the tambour (percussion drum) which is normally only reserved and allowed for men in the Ivorian culture.  She was always tapping on her legs, stomping her feet, marking the tempo with her voice: rhythm became her obsession.  One day she saw a bass guitar and immediately knew this was her instrument. In her hands, she transforms it into a percussion instrument, expressing her unbridled joy in groovy rhythms. 

Her musical career soon lead her to the legendary world music band Zap Mama and, with them, to Belgium. Since 2013, Manou has been based in Brussels and has become a world class bandleader, lead singer and bassist.

'Her hallmark still is: elegant, soulful choral movements' - Blue Rhythm

'Detailed, rich and catchy music that gifts a feeling of well-being.' - BBC Music

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This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Mon 8 October