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Dhruv Arts present

London International Arts Festival 2016

Friday 4 November
Main Space
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to £8.00
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In a nutshell

Soulful performances, radical intent, and spiritual enlightenment... all these await for an eclectic evening of infectious music from around the world.

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The 5th Edition of the London International Arts Festival (LIAF) presents 5 nights across 5 different venues, showcasing the very best of London music and arts in November.

Friday night at Rich Mix features Soom T, David X featuring Bangalore Dreams and ENNÈ.

What to expect

Expect an evening of performances spanning reggae, soul, drum’n’bass, Carnatic, Jazz, and other contemporary genres.

Who's Involved

Soom T (9.45pm)

Headliner Soom T is an Indian artist born and raised in Scotland creating songs within the reggae, hip hop, folk, electronic and dub genres. Focused on activist intent and spiritual enlightenment, her music experiments with unique sound wave generation and manipulation.

ENNÈ (8pm)

Singer/songwriter/poet ENNÈ has a powerful and soulful voice that blends her cultural influences together to create an original mix of reggae and soul, also drawing inspiration from R&B, Jazz, and Blues. Her ukulele and electric guitars create unique Islandy tones with Caribbean beats. Charismatic, she is known for her freestyling and for being the inventor of Opera Reggae!

David X featuring Bangalore Dreams (8.45pm)

David X, one of the most unique talents from France is a “one-man band” who has practiced beat-boxing for 20 years and mastered all of the possibilities offered by the voice. He can imitate talking drums, bass, congas, darbuka, tabla, and brass, to name just a few! 

He will be collaborating with Bangalore Dreams by Jyotsna Srikanth and will be adding his beat boxing to contemporary Indian music. Jyotsna Srikanth is the most sought after South Indian violinist and composer in Europe known for her versatility and ability to collaborate with different genres with seamless ease.

Dhruv arts

Dhruv Arts, the producer of LIAF was established in London in 2004 to promote the traditional arts of South Asian music, dance, storytelling and visuals.

What are people saying?

‘What started as a desire to showcase the very best of South Indian Carnatic music has expanded into a far richer tapestry of music and arts now truly reflecting London’s multicultural nature.’ Jyotsna Srikanth

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'One of East London’s most exciting arts venues, Rich Mix hosts the best up and coming as well as established artists from both home and abroad. It is the perfect for LIAF’s diverse range of acts.'

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Things you should know

This is a standing event. Doors open at 7pm.

This event is wheelchair accessible.