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KCCUK presents

K Music Showcase

Thursday 10 May
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In a nutshell

The annual K-Music London Showcase returns with a spectacular line-up featuring the outstanding Korean female-fronted bands 3rd line Butterfly, Gonne Choi Band and Billy Carter.

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Since 2015, the K-Music London Showcase has presented exciting Korean bands to London audiences before the groups embark upon a tour of the UK festival circuit. In 2018, for one night only, fresh from appearances at Liverpool’s Sound City and just ahead of performing at Brighton’s The Great Escape, the three groups will entertain crowds here in east London. 

What to Expect

This year, the showcase is focusing on three female vocalists, each known for having their own unique voices and music styles.

Dancing and jumping around the stage and full of energy, lead vocalist of Billy Carter delivers the band’s heavy and energetic sound with straightforward talk about the fierce everyday battles of life. Trained as a singer of pansori, traditional Korean mono opera, Gonne Choi is whispering mellifluously about our daily life. The smoky voice of 3rd Line Butterfly, the legendary band from Korea’s independent music scene expresses a characteristic melancholy with moody guitar sounds. This showcase will give audiences a rare opportunity to experience three different female voices from Korea.

Who's Involved

3rd Line Butterfly
Introspective post-modern rock striped with moody guitars and smoky vocals, 3rd Line Butterfly is a trio that sublimely soars with velvety sounds from the Korean underground. The legendary Korean rock band 3rd Line Butterfly have excelled in the art of reinventing themselves every time they release something. What’s particularly thrilling about the band’s evolution is that you can hear their pure joy of discovery and risk-taking in each of their new releases.

Gonne Choi Band
Singer-songwriter Gonne Choi debuted in October 2010 with her first EP, 36.5 ° C. In 2011 Choi was selected as Hello Rookie for the Korean TV show EBS Space Sympathy in which she gained more awareness through her unique voice and guitar melodies.

Billy Carter
Dancing and jumping around the stage, Billy Carter’s live performance is full of energy. They throw themselves at their music, building an intense atmosphere full of excitement for their audiences. At first, Billy Carter started out as an acoustic project led by their vocalist Jiwon Kim and guitarist Jina Kim. Through the experience of busking in London, the duo expanded their musical genre to blues, combined with rockabilly, and country. The current form of three-piece rock band was settled when Hyunjoon Lee joined as a drummer in 2014.

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Things you should know

This event is wheelchair accessible.