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Yaram Arts presents

Habib Koité and Bamada + Sura Susso

Thursday 19 October
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In a nutshell

An uplifting journey through music from one of Africa’s greatest.

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Malian guitarist Habib Koité comes from a noble line of Khassonké griots - traditional troubadors who provide wit, wisdom and musical entertainment at social gatherings and special events. Coming from a family of seventeen brothers and sisters, he developed his unique guitar style accompanying his griot mother. He inherited his passion for music from his paternal grandfather who played the kamele n’goni, a traditional four-stringed instrument associated with hunters from the Wassolou region of Mali. 'Nobody really taught me to sing or to play the guitar', explains Habib, 'I watched my parents, and it washed off on me.'

What to Expect

A joyous evening of mesmerising guitar picking accompanied with melodious vocals full of West African passion and energy. With Habib and his Bamada Band in full motion there is no room for standing still.

Support comes from Kora virtuoso Sura Susso, one of the freshest talents from The Gambia. All the ingredients for a night worthy of a long lasting memory - like a sunshine experience on the smiling coast!

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'It's the best place for a legend to make his rare appearance.'

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.