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Arts Canteen presents

Flamenco Arabe - Attab Haddad Quantet & guests

Friday 8 June

In a nutshell

A night of outstanding music and Flamenco dance, breaking down long-standing cultural and historical barriers.

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Flamenco music was born, and still lives, among the scenic green hills of Andalusia in southern Spain, however, some performers have moved beyond both the geographical and the stylistic boundaries of traditional flamenco to incorporate a variety of new styles into their work.

Other performers have turned inward, searching for the obscure origins of flamenco, in hope of inspiration. What they have found are pervasive Arab influences, touching everything from the style of performance to the very rhythms and scales of the songs themselves. And what they have produced as a result is a fusion of Spanish and Arab traditions that is both interesting and inspirational.

What to Expect

This is one of a series of concerts produced by Arts Canteen. It aims to highlight this connection, and build on it with original compositions and renditions of melodies from Andalusia and the Arab World, showing the common thread that runs through these traditions.

Who's Involved

Attab is an oud player and composer who has worked within music, theatre, dance, film and advertising. His work has aired on European, Arabic and Turkish channels and he has composed music for various mediums from advertising to theatre and dance productions.

Ramon Ruiz - Flamenco Guitar

Philippe Barnes - Flute

Naomi Wright - Cello

Neil Charles - Double Bass

Antonio Romero - Percussion

Anita La Maltesa and guest dancers -  Dance

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 14+

This event is wheelchair accessible.