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Kazum presents

Europalia: Indische Party + The Flower Girls + DJ David Tarigan

Friday 20 October
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In a nutshell

All-female all-Indonesian 60s rock rebels, indie band Indische, & Far Eastern rare vinyl supremo Tarigan.

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Three acts direct from Indonesia kick off Europalia Indonesia Festival’s first UK edition with an evening of funky ‘60s inspired Indonesian rock n’ roll, a tribute to the original Indonesian rebel girl band, and one of Jakarta’s leading crate-digging DJs.

What to Expect

Who's Involved

Indische Party
With lead singer Jafar Shadiq strutting his stuff like a young Mick Jagger, rhythms to twist to driven by female drummer Tika Pramestri, and the twanging, Shadows-esque guitar sounds  of Andre Idris, Indische Party bring you ‘60’s rhythm ‘n blues full of attitude and far eastern vibes in Indonesian and English. Formed in 2011, they were selected as the winner of Converse Rubber Tracks 2015 and got to record two songs at Abbey Road Studios. They released their debut self-titled album on 2013, and in 2016 they released 'On Vacation' and second album 'Analog'.

The Flower Girls
Celebrating the all-girl band who introduced rock n’ roll to ‘60s Indonesia, The Flower Girls is a project initiated by Europalia Indonesia, a tribute to Dara Puspita - the 4 Indonesian girls who dared to do what no one else was doing in a period of political agitation and controversy, breaking new musical ground. ‘Flower Girls’ is the translation of Dara Puspita, whose best songs were reissued in 2010 on the Sublime Frequencies label. After Dara Puspita faced pressure from the Sukarno regime, which saw rock music as an unwanted Western influence, the girls found safer places to play abroad and toured Europe, a symbol of emancipation, girl-power and go-international spirit in pusuit of the rock n’ roll dream.

DJ David Tarigan
David Tarigan is one of Indonesia’s biggest music collectors and a go-to expert for Indonesia’s vibrant 60’s and 70’s scene: jazz, funk, rock, disco and traditional music. David co-founded Aksara Records in 2004 and recently officially launched the digital archive Irama Nusantara, which aims to preserve and share forgotten treasures of popular music from the world’s largest archipelago (with 18,000 islands!). As a DJ David digs out the grooviest, overlooked or underrated songs.

Europalia Indonesia is a series of 4 shows in London, produced by Kazum in association with Europalia Festival, based in Brussels. Established in 1969 to facilitate intercultural understanding, Europalia presents creative, contemporary and cultural arts from a different partner country every two years.  

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This event is wheelchair accessible.