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Sonia Sabri Company presents

Dastaan with Sarvar Sabri

Saturday 13 October
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In a nutshell

A riveting experience of live music with a beautiful film of Persian calligraphy and dance. World renowned tabla maestro Sarvar Sabri leads five exquisite musicians of different genres.

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Dastaan, meaning a ‘story’ or story of our life’, is a riveting experience of live music and visuals. World renowned tabla maestro and composer Sarvar Sabri leads an ensemble of five exquisite musicians of different musical genres playing instruments including tabla, setar (Iran) harp, vocals and a few surprises!

In the first half, the musicians delve into a journey of personal stories gathered from poets and travellers, inspired by folk music of India, Persia and Wales, with added hints of jazz. The second half reveals an emotionally charged film of love, separation, and wonder, explored through the beauty of Persian calligraphy Nasta’liq and poignant dance, seamlessly complemented with live music.

The film features internationally renowned Birmingham Royal Ballet Associate Director Marion Tait CBE and Master calligrapher from Iran, Mehdi Jamali. The film is simply poetry in motion and had its premiere at The British Library, London.

‘Dastaan’ is a meeting of interlinked cultures of familiar and unfamiliar lands, celebrating the unique diversity of Britain. 

Supported by Birmingham Royal Ballet and The British Library.

Who's Involved

Sarvar Sabri - composer / tabla / percussion
Sarvar Sabri is an internationally renowned tabla player/composer. His versatility and passion for the rich diversity of the world's musical traditions has spurred him to constantly experiment with other world-class musicians and composers, and to extend the boundaries of his own classical form.

Sanchita Pal - vocal

Sam Fox - vocal / harp

Alvin Davis - Sax

Mehdi Jamali - vocal / star

Pulkit Sharma - vocal / Dholak / khartaal

The dancer in the film is Marion Tait CBE (Birmingham Royal Ballet). (Please note there is no live dance in the show.)

The filmmaker is BAFTA Award winning Mat Beckett of River Rea Films.

Sonia Sabri Company (SSCo) is one of the leading contemporary South Asian dance and music companies in the UK. The company has an international reputation for presenting Indian dance and music in a contemporary context for global audiences.

What people are saying

‘Unique Concept of film & live music’ Audience Member

‘The silent film is held within the space by the musicians who deftly interweave their respective musical traditions in an acoustic tapestry so seamless that it seems inevitable, and that yet succeeds in cherishing the distinctive and unique features of each form.’ - Magdalen Gorringe , Pulse Connects

I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before and I go to several performances. You should play at The Barbican, The QEH, theatres like that so more people can experience this.' - Audience Member

I was sobbing during the film. It was emotional.' - Audience Member

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Things you should know

Suitable for all ages

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Sat 13 October